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Thinking about IP? Get this book! The first chapter alone could save you thousands in legal fees.

Greg Smith

Co-Founder, Lawyer and CEO of

This book demystifies intellectual property and explains when you need to protect it�without scaring or overwhelming you with legalese. If you use the internet to generate leads or deliver your services online, make sure you read this book and learn how to protect your assets!

Matt Astifan

Founder of Web Friendly

Without question, Andrei Mincov is one of the country’s foremost experts in intellectual property. With this book you will learn proven and practical step-by-step strategies for using IP as a tool that can take your business to the next level.

Darren Jacklin

World-Class Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Angel Investor,

If you have any questions about trademarks, copyright, patents or anything to do with intellectual property, Andrei has it all covered in this book. This is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know to protect your brand.

Melonie Dodaro

Founder of, Author of The LinkedIn Code

As someone who has been practicing and teaching sports, media and entertainment law for several decades, I can’t stress enough the importance of intellectual property for modern businesses. Neglecting IP is a sure recipe for failure. Make sure you read this book, it will deliver information that every business owner needs to know. As an added bonus, it’s actually interesting to read.

Joe Weiler

Professor of Law at University of British Columbia

Most entrepreneurs and companies start worrying about IP protection when it’s already too late. Andrei’s book provides a bird’s eye view on the entire intellectual property landscape�see which parts apply to your business, then act to secure, grow and multiply the assets.

Igor Faletski

CEO of Mobify

Andrei Mincov takes a complex subject and makes it simple to understand for anyone who is mystified about intellectual property matters. I strongly recommend it for entrepreneurs�it’s a quick read and it provides an excellent introduction to the world of IP.

Mike Volker

Director of Simon Fraser University Innovation Office, Angel Investor in 100+ Tech Startups

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